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DNL GROUP - supplier of high-quality steel , which is exported to the major markets of the world in all major industries : automotive, mechanical engineering, construction .

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We are fully confident in the high quality of our metal
We accept all popular payment methods - bank letters of credit, cashless , etc.
Company DNL on the market for 15 years
We sell both the big parties and small parties of metal rolling
Regardless of the party and the name of the goods - the price you will always please
No matter where you are, we will select the most convenient method of delivery

Product Catalog

Hot rolled round bar

It is used in construction and home of man, he is firmly entrenched in our lives . Scope steel range is so wide that the list is endless . Versatility range of metal is difficult to describe , because there is no area where we have not met .


Hot rolled steel hexangonal bar

Rolled metal product, which is the length rods from 2 to 6 m, in the forming section of six equal sides. Steel hexagon is widely used in the engineering industry products for the manufacture of machinery parts, fasteners (nuts, bolts) and other mechanisms used in the automotive industry, etc.


Hot rolled square bar

Widespread square steel was in industrial and civil construction, the dynamics of which significantly affects the overall increase in the production of long products categories. The steel square is also widely used in the domestic sphere. Due to regular geometric shape square metal used in the manufacture of household decorations and wrought-iron fences and grates


Flat bar (Hot rolled steel strips)

Usually it acts as a blank for channels, angles, cutting tools, springs, nuts, plates and other metal structures. It may also be a separate element in construction, architecture, furniture, design. Strip steel also used for decorative exterior decoration of buildings.


Hot rolled steel angle bar

This continuous profile in cross section which lacks the internal hollow space. Angle steel is made of carbon steel and ordinary quality brands. Also used in the manufacture of high strength steel. Angle are widely used in the manufacture of metal frames, various platforms, to enhance the strength of concrete structures, etc.


Hot rolled steel channel

Metal article which in cross section forms a letter "U". This is one of the types of metal, which is used in the manufacture of metal structures and load-bearing elements in the construction. Channel Hot-rolled steel produced by hot metal. Also made hot channel for special purposes, which possesses the necessary changes in the geometric characteristics. This channel is most often demanded car building.


Hot rolled h beam

Products for industrial, large-scale construction. Used for the construction of bridges, supporting structures, massive steel structures, industrial and warehouse buildings, stadiums. Given the broad classification of the type h-beams, precision rolling, cutting and steel, from which they are made, best before buying consult with experts. Our manager will give you full information and advise a suitable brand products for your building plans.


Steel metal sheet

It is a metallic product of simple geometric configuration, which in modern production is very popular consumable. The product has found application in various areas of the economy in the architecture, construction, civil and military aircraft, in the production of automobiles, machine tools, construction of bridges, in separate works and design, and others.



The product is an annular, oval, polygonal or other shape, full cross-sectional area and a relatively large length, made of various grades of carbon steels using the technology of the welding arc and gas, as well as the method of hot and cold deformation. The most common form of pipes - ferrous metal tubes, which are used in agriculture, oil and gas sector, chemical industry, engineering, frequency, and commercial construction.

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